Cavitech denizcilik, has been established to make innovative investments in ship industry. The company which started to crawl in the sector with its underwater cleaning technology started to grow rapidly as an advantage of its innovation.

Following this alternative solution in the marine sector, Cavitech established ship supply and ship maintenance-repair services.

Due to this engagement with 3 work field, we are actively serving as ship supply and ship maintenance-repair in every part of Turkey.

Developing and growing company with a high acceleration has created the opportunity to sign with Turkey’s largest projects which honor us with nearly 100 employees.

We invite you to take a look at our ongoing and finished projects and to be a part of this innovative development.

People tell us we have an attitude. Well, we take that as a compliment…

Why we’re different

We are not a supplier, we are the Partner. Only partners can build positive alteration and the best result.