What we do?

Cavitech Denizcilik, which has many years’ experience in coastal, nearshore and offshore operations. We provide services in ship rescue, tugboat management and marine construction.

  • Work Scope
  • Sea Construction
  • Ship Rescue and Debris Removal
  • Oil and Gas
  • Prevention of Marine Pollution
  • Tugboat Services
  • Underwater Services
  • Underwater Survey

Why do you choose us?

The Company’s strengths lie in delivering safe,experianced workers, high quality divers, cost-effective, multi-discipline marine-based solutions in diverse and challenging environments.

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Underwater Operation Equipments

  • Underwater hydraulic system
  • Diving Suits
  • Underwater Communication System
  • Underwater Imaging System Connected to the Monitor on Board
  • Underwater Cutting and Welding Sets
  • Underwater Lighting Systems
  • Underwater Thickness Measuring Equipment

Our Fleet


Our certificates

  • Occupational safety certificate
  • Industry diving
  • Diving supervisor
  • Marine technologies engineer
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