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Project Info​

TPAO is a national oil company that carries out hydrocarbon exploration and production projects for Turkey.
We are glad to be a part of the experience of Turkey’s national first drilling ship. We served on the most strategically essential projects on land and underwater.

Reactivation Services For SPS

What We Done ?

We have provided Up To 200 Highly Skilled Personnel at the DS Kanuni project.

Maintenance Services

  • Thruster Replacement 
  • Derrick Removal Assist services
  • Riser Inspection Modification Hp Washing And Class Approval
  • Clean Cut and Well Completion Structure Installation 
  • Hp Washıng/Cleaning Of Thruster 
  • Barge Grillage Modification 
  • Chain Locker Cleaning/Inspection 
  • Modification Escape Hutch Platform


  • Vessel Topside Hull Painting
  • Subsea Equipments Painting Blasting Services
  • Sandblasting And Painting Manpower 


  • Production Of Thruster Subsea Cradle 
  • Fabricate Jack And Frames
  • Fabricate Flex Joint Cradle 
  • Fabricate Piston Rod Supports 
  • Fabricate Traveling Block Cradle  
  • Fabricate Anchor Jetty Bumper
  • Fabrication Of Derick Footing

 Constructions At Shore base

  • Construction Of Workshop Tents And Doors

 Underwater /Diving Services

  • Diving Services For Various Inspections
  • Underwater Hull Cleaning 
  • Diver Teams Require For In Water Bottom Survey 
  • Anodes Replacements
  • Sea Chest Modifications

 Rental And Material Supply

  • Rental Of Mobile Cranes
  • Forklift Rental
  • Electric Generators Rental
  • Ds Kanuni Material Supplies


On-Going Manpower Crew and Material Supply


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