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The technique of hydro-cavitation cleaning is based on steam-gas bubbles colliding as they approach the cleaning surface. The resulting shock wave removes corrosion and fouling from the hull and other structures.
The use of a hydro-cavitation plant to clean the hull underwater eliminates all types of fouling, rust, and paint; another advantage is that hydro-cavitation equipment is absolutely safe for the environment.


About Technology


Cavitech underwater cleaning services including Cleaning the hull of a ship; removing corrosion products, algae fouling, and marine creatures from the ship’s hull.The fouling is removed from the ship’s surface using hydrodynamic cavitation while the varnish and paint quality are preserved.
Where mechanical cleaning is not possible, this technology enables for underwater cleaning. It cleans air distribution ducts, sea chest gratings, sea chests, valves, and other similar objects effectively.

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Fuel Consumption

Fuel is a major expense for operating a ship. Any reduction in fuel use will reduce operating costs directly and correspondingly. Because up to 70% of a ship’s propulsive energy is used to overcome hydrodynamic resistance (friction), smoothing the hull and propeller surfaces reduces waste and increases the speed and/or distance gained from burning a barrel of fuel.

Time Efficient

Without placing the vessel in a dry dock, saving both time and operation cost. We will not disrupt the vessel’s schedule.

Cost Efficient

Our services are on average at least twice cheaper and than conventional hull cleanings around the world.


Increase the longevity of the hull and propellers and Reduce the engine’s load to reduce wear.

Accident Risk

Reduce the chances of a maritime accident.


Increase the speed of the ship.

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