What we do?

We offer a variety of services aimed at enhancing output and sustaining vital assets to help you get the most out of your investments.

Cavitech has personnel and equipment capable of reacting to and implementing all types of technical requirements in ship repair and maintenance.


  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction and
  • Emergency Training (BOSIET),
  • Offshore Working at Height
  • Industry diving
  • Offshore Welding certificates

We have nearly 300 experienced field employees with regarding certificates.

Class Approval - Maintenance - Recertification - Modification

Example Major Projects

Class Approval & Modification


Handling, inspection, welding, repair, and coating methods have been designed in-house to meet the needs of drilling contractors.

  • Offloading, loading, and transportation of marine drilling risers are available.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of the entire system
    On-Site Machining Services, NDE and Dimensional Inspections
  • Full Welding Repairs
  • Identification of Positive Materials (PMI)
  • Heat Treatment During and After Welding
  • Services include complete blasting and coating.
  • Preparation of package of documents for Class approval
Class Approval & Modification


  • Intervention Workover Control Systems -Design/Engineering and documentation package 
  • Foundation FEM Analysis
  • Issuance of fabrication drawings
  • Preparation of package of documents for Class approval
  • Design/Engineering of roller chute , connecting bracket  and IWOCS Jumper pen, • Structural analyses• Issuance of Fabrication drawings
  • Fabrication and installation of 55 T winch platform WOCS realer platform ,new subsea deck ,
  • Installing the electrical cables
  • Perform MPI of welding according to class requirements
  • Design/Engineering for IWOCS reel foundation
  • Fabrication of rollers for parachute
  • Engineering and issuance of fabrication drawings for complete IWOCS system
Class Approval & Modification

Cuttings Dryer

Engineering and project documentation for Installation of;

  • Centrifuges including and Deck capacity verification cuttings pneumatic conveying system including brackets vacuum systembrine filtration system including
  • Issuance of welding procedures as per project documentation and project installation plan after design and engineering of equipment is completed.
  • Required modifications and complete system installation centrifuges, cuttings pneumatic system ,vacuum system ,brine filtration units  including sea fastining
  • Install the electrical cables 
  • Perform electrical cable connections by Ex. Certified welders
  • Perform MPI of welding according to class requirements
  • Paint for painting after installation


We are capable of test,removal repair/overhaul cleaning and calibration bellow listed valves.

  • SSSV
  • Safety valves (PSV)
  • Pressure regulators valves
  • Flow, level and temperature regulators
  • Air valves
  • Wire line retrievable safety valves
  • Gas lift valves
  • Chemical injection valves
  • Dump kill valves
  • Water injection valves
Class Approval & Modification

Thruster Replacement

Cavitech is providing thruster replacements offshore which includes;

  • Lift scheduling and equipment listing
  • Planning the existing thrusters replacement procedure 
  • Design of specialist equipment, lifting arrangements ,winches and Diver Supply Vessel (DSV)
  • Engineering & Design, manufacture, procurement, testing and/or Enterprise of Competence Class approval (DNV-GL)
  • Complete project (onshore & offshore) organization with multi-discipline operators 
Class Approval & Modification


We provide various types of blasting and painting services to the marine Industry, including UHP (ultra high pressure), hydro blasting and more traditional grit and steel ball blasting. 

All our coating systems are applied in accordance with the respective paint manufactures specifications. Below mentioned applications are provided by our paint projects.

  • HP washing 
  • Paint pull test with Jotun testing equipment
  • Grinding applications
  • Manual paint and brush applications
  • Airless paint applications
  • Specialist coating applications
  • Manual dry grit blasting
  • Spot blast surface preparations
  • Automated dust free blasting (abrasive blasting) with encapsulation
  • Manual hydro blasting UHP blasting

Rope Access Solutions

In difficult-to-reach areas, rope access is a cost-effective alternative. The following types of jobs are handled by our rope access technicians:


  • Mechanical fitting and rigging
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Installation and repair of electrical systems
  • Inspection and NDT testing
  • Insulation and pipe fitting
  • Inspection, maintenance, and repair of wind turbines
  • Cleaning with high-pressure water

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Our team can manage all elements of a project on behalf of customers, including preparation, logistics, acceptance, and operational execution, eliminating costly dry docking or off-hire times and providing a totally comprehensive waterborne solution. Every task is also clearly documented using OEM-approved standards.

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