Cavitation Hull Cleaning

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What we do?

The technique of hydro-cavitation cleaning is based on steam-gas bubbles colliding as they approach the cleaning surface. This collision generates a powerful shock wave that effectively removes corrosion and fouling from the hull and other structures. Hydro-cavitation cleaning is a highly efficient method for maintaining the integrity and performance of marine vessels.

Using a hydro-cavitation plant to clean the hull underwater eliminates all types of fouling, rust, and paint. One of the key advantages of hydro-cavitation equipment is its absolute safety for the environment. This eco-friendly technology ensures that your vessel is kept in optimal condition without causing harm to marine ecosystems.

Choose Cavitech for innovative and sustainable hull cleaning solutions that enhance your vessel’s performance and longevity while protecting the environment.


About Technology

Cavitech offers comprehensive underwater cleaning services, including cleaning the hull of a ship, and removing corrosion products, algae fouling, and marine creatures from the ship’s hull. Our advanced hydrodynamic cavitation technology ensures that fouling is effectively removed from the ship’s surface while preserving the quality of the varnish and paint.

Our innovative underwater cleaning solutions are particularly effective where mechanical cleaning is not possible. This technology allows for the efficient cleaning of air distribution ducts, sea chest gratings, sea chests, valves, and other similar objects. By utilizing hydrodynamic cavitation, we provide thorough and environmentally friendly cleaning that maintains the integrity and performance of your marine assets.

Choose Cavitech for reliable and advanced underwater cleaning services that keep your vessels in top condition and ensure optimal performance.


How we do?

Method 1: Onshore Cleaning

Installation is performed in the port, where divers equipped with specialized cavitation cleaning equipment carry out the operation from land. This method ensures efficient and thorough cleaning of the hull while the ship is docked, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Method 2: Offshore Cleaning

Cavitech Marine boats are docked near the ship offshore, and the cleaning operation is conducted by our experienced industrial divers. This method allows for flexible and effective cleaning of vessels without the need for docking, ensuring minimal disruption to maritime activities.

Both methods are meticulously recorded with underwater cameras, providing clear and detailed footage of the cleaning process. These records are displayed as part of our quality assurance measures, ensuring transparency and high standards of service.

Choose Cavitech for reliable onshore and offshore underwater cleaning solutions that keep your vessels in optimal condition, supported by comprehensive quality assurance practices.


Why Do You Choose Us?

At Cavitech, our expert team is equipped to manage all elements of a project on behalf of our customers. This includes meticulous preparation, efficient logistics, seamless acceptance, and precise operational execution. By providing a fully comprehensive waterborne solution, we eliminate the need for costly dry docking or off-hire times, ensuring your operations continue smoothly and efficiently.

Our commitment to quality means that every task is documented clearly using OEM-approved standards. This rigorous documentation process ensures transparency, accountability, and adherence to industry best practices, providing you with peace of mind and a reliable service you can trust.

Choose Cavitech for all your project management needs and experience the benefits of a dedicated team that prioritizes your operational efficiency and asset longevity.

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