Turkish Petroleum – Abdülhamid Han Drilling Ship


Project Info

TPAO (Turkish Petroleum Corporation) is a national oil company dedicated
to hydrocarbon exploration and production projects for Turkey. We are proud
to be part of the historic journey of Turkey’s 4th and latest national drilling
ship, Abdülhamid Han. Our team has contributed significantly to the most
strategically essential projects on both land and underwater.

Manpower Supply

• Painters
• Scaffolders
• Riggers
• Welders
• Fitters
• Tank Cleaners
• Rope Access Technicians
• NDT Inspectors
• Divers
• Electricians
• Mechanics
• Fleet – Diving Support Vessel
• Naval Engineers
• QHSE Officers
• HP Washing Operators
• Forklift and Crane Operators

Reactivation Services For SPS

What We Done ?

Comprehensive Services Provided by TPAO for the DS Abdülhamid Han

We have provided up to 100 highly skilled personnel for the DS Abdülhamid
Han project. Our services include:

Maintenance Services

• Thruster replacement
• Derrick removal assist services
• Riser inspection, modification, HP washing, and class approval
• HP washing/cleaning of thruster
• Barge grillage modification
• Chain locker cleaning/inspection
• Modification of escape hatch platform
• Painting

Painting Services

• Vessel topside hull painting
• Subsea equipment painting and blasting services
• Sandblasting and painting manpower

Production Services

• Fabrication of CMC TRANSPORT FRAME
• Fabrication of VRP STORAGE STAND
• Fabrication of CMC REINFORCEMENT
• Fabrication of BEAM LIFTING BRACE
• Fabrication of CORNER PLATFORM
• Fabrication of INNER BEAMS GUIDE
• Fabrication of DERRICK FOOTINGS

Underwater/Diving Services

• Diving services for various inspections
• Underwater hull cleaning
• Diver teams for in-water bottom surveys
• Anode replacements
• Sea chest modifications

Rental and Material Supply

• Rental of mobile cranes
• Forklift rental
• Electric generator rental
• DS Kanuni material supplies

SPS Services:

• Vessel painting (Hull, Deck, Anchor, and Forward)
• Subsea equipment painting and blasting
• Moonpool surface preparation and painting
• Scaffolding services
• Underwater diving services

Ongoing Projects:

• Installation and manufacturing of Derrick footing
• Welding Derrick structure
• Derrick adapters services
• DS Fatih material supplies
• Manpower crew and material supply